Services and Prices

Dog walking

  • Initial Home Visit incl. meet and greet, consultation and registration      Free
  • Collection and Return (and cleaning of paws!)                                             Free
  • 1 Hour Group Walk                                                                                         £12
  • Additional Unsociable Hours Charge                                                           £2.50

(Walking for at least an hour - excluding travelling time - in groups of no more than 6 dogs.)

For additional dogs from same household please add £7 per dog

  • Individual dog walk  (individual dog walk for unsociable dogs)  £12 per half hour
  • Additional Unsociable Hours Charge                          £2.50

Day Care

            (0900hrs - 1800hrs)       £26 

Emergency Let-Outs

                                 30 Minute Emergency Let-Outs                        £15

   (For regular clients at those times when you find yourself stuck in a meeting, traffic or any other unexpected or emergency situation I will let-out or walk and feed him/her if required.)

Pet Taxi Service

           Trips to the vet, groomer or any other transport needs.                 £15

Lead&Collar Taxi Service is ideal if you do not have your own transport, have difficulty getting out and about, or simply at work and don’t have the time. I can transport your pet, with or without you, in a professionally equipped, ventilated and insured van to your chosen location, be it a friend’s house, vets, groomers, moving house or any other location required. Lead&Collar has a distinctive specifically designed van for all your pets’ needs, with cages that are of various sizes for your pets comfort and safety. 

Puppy Visits

Not big or old enough to join the regular walkers, a visit to play and feed and give a short one-to-one walk.   £11

(30 Minute visit)

All puppies need several small meals a day and also need consistent toilet training and regular access to the outside if they are to become properly house trained as quickly as possible. For our very youngest friends who are just too little to join the main walks, Lead&Collar offers a 30 minute home visit, until they are big and strong enough to come on our walks. I use the half an hour to get the puppy used to me, play, feed them (if needed), take them for a short walk (if required), cleaning up any little ‘accidents’ in the house or the garden/yard after their toilet, interacting and giving affection and reassurance. 

As they get older I may take them for a short journey in the van so they get used to the experience, and introduce them to one or two other dogs for socialisation. This however, is for puppies who have been fully vaccinated. I will also reinforce basic obedience training as part of the home visits. However I am a not professional dog trainer.

When I think they are ready, and when you agree, they can then join our older Lead&Collar friends on a regular group walk.

Home Visits

For your dogs, cats and any small pets - a 20 minute visit to play, let-out, feed, etc.          £11

  I offer home visits to feed dogs, cats or other small animals, let pets in or out, clean litter trays/cages, replenish feeding bowls and water supplies etc., plus lots of fuss and attention to your pets as if you were with them. Whether you just want to enjoy a day out with the family or go on holiday I will come to your home and care for all of your pets and keep them to their daily routines.

I can secure your home and carry out light duties such as opening/closing of curtains, watering plants etc.

  • Additional Unsociable Hours Charge £2.50

Key Holding

                                        Call out between 8am and 6pm                                      £20

                                        Call out between 6pm and 8am                                      £40

Locked out or lost your keys? It can happen to everyone!

If it happens to you and I have a copy of your keys, I can come and let you in. If I am in the vicinity at the time, this service is free of charge, otherwise our rates are listed above.

N.B. We will only come to let in authorised members of your household.

If there are any other services you require, which are not listed, please contact me to see if I can help

All the above prices are inclusive of VAT.

I guarantee that there are no hidden extras.

I do not charge registration or membership fees.

A minimum of 24 hours notice is needed in advance to

cancel any appointments or the full amount will be payable.

All prices shown are subject to change.